About Our Living Wall Systems

We have been GREEN since 1985, before the term “interior plantscaping” was even coined! We have recently focused on the latest and greatest way to “green” your environment. This is the solution to your indoor plant needs: the LIVING PLANT WALL. This is a custom designed and installed, modular waterproof system that can be retrofitted to any existing wall surface: drywall, concrete, stucco, cement, etc. Your wall will be designed with your choice of beautiful plants, chosen for your particular light situation and personal preferences. Plus you can change your Living Wall to fit the season or occasion or keep it the same year round. Imagine a wall of beautiful lush red poinsettias at Holiday time. From a small 10 square feet to 60 feet long by 12 feet high, the design possibilities are endless.  From homes to restaurants, lobbies, offices, retail shops, anyplace that would benefit from the beauty and health benefits from living plants. Whatever the size of your Wall, our philosophy has always been to provide outstanding personal maintanance service to every one of our customers. Let us show you how good a plant company can be!

Our Living Walls contribute pointswards to your Leeds certification.
Call us today for your no cost estimate. Add beauty AND health benefits to your environment!
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